João Cardiga Equestrian Academy

    Private Institution of Social Solidarity -IPSS

Recognized and honored School, by the Institute of Sport and Youth, Portuguese Equestrian Federation and National Riding School.

We have a Multidisciplinary Team composed of Accredited Riding Technicians, Discipline Trainers and Health Technicians (physiotherapists and Psychomotor Rehabilitation and Special Education)

The AEJC adhered to the energy model of the future and started producing locally renewable energy.

Mission: To promote Riding for all, with respect for difference.

Supporting the social and community integration of the "Person", especially groups that are more vulnerable and with special needs, through the use of horse, namely in therapeutic, adapted and sporting competition riding.

Contribute to the valorization of the "new role" of the Horse in human life demonstrating its benefits in the formation of character, health, leisure, culture and sport through the provision of services ranging from technical preparation and teaching of horses, to the formation of knights and / or athletes of all social and ethnic strata.

Vision: To be recognized as an entity of excellence in the provision of services linked to equestrian activities.

Be Innovative and sustainable.

Values: Rigor, Cooperation, Trust, Inclusion and Social / Environmental Responsibility

Activities & Services


Horse Riding School

Pony Club

Sela Exams

Professional Training Center (CARDIGA TRAINING CENTER)


Trophy / Dressage Poneis

Teaching / Dressage

Horse riding / rental nearby

Horse Racing

Special Olympics

Horse riding for therapeutic purposes


Horse riding / rental

Horse riding Therapy

General direction

Chairman of the Board

Maria de Lurdes Cardiga

President Fiscal Council

João Cardiga

Sports Director and Vice President of the Board

João Pedro Cardiga

Technical team


João Pedro Cardiga

Gonçalo Onofre

João Monteiro

Therapeutic Team

Joana Gonçalves


Frederica Mouro


Cristiana Martins


Vasco Carriço


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