Volunteering in the AEJC is defined as a set of actions of social and community interest, carried out in an unpaid way, in the framework of projects, programs and other forms of intervention at the service of individuals, families and the community.

Volunteer activity is defined by the Executive Directorate of AEJC, under the annual proposal of the Volunteer Coordination Group.

The AEJC volunteer commits itself to offering its available time, according to his personal and professional capacities, based on characteristics of good relationship and dedication, helping to improve the quality of life and the well-being of the Clients, always having volunteering principles such as:

  • Solidarity
  • Rigor
  • Participation
  • Cooperation
  • Complementarity
  • Free time
  • Responsibility
  • Objectives

The action of the volunteer in the AEJC should complement the regular tasks of technicians and other employees in the activities of direct support to Customers. The Volunteer may also be invited to participate in the initiatives aimed at the promotion of AEJC in the community.

The volunteer, in this context, should pursue the following objectives:

Support and complement the actions promoted by AEJC.

Increase the participation of volunteers in response to the needs of AEJC.

Promote and defend the image and good name of AEJC.

Sensitize the community to the challenges of the AEJC.

To stimulate the coexistence and participation of Clients in the social life of AEJC.

Disseminate or volunteer in order to promote active citizenship.

Volunteer Profile

  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • · Present by free decision, supported by social and personal motivations.
  • · Be exclusively motivated by selfless intent.
  • · Have recognized moral and human qualifications.
  • · Be emotionally stable.
  • · Do not engage in alcohol or narcotic behavior.
  • · Availability to learn assigned tasks and physical ability to perform them.
  • · Strong sense of responsibility, respecting the culture, vision, mission and values of AEJC.

For more information and AEJC volunteer regulations please consult the secretariat

Inscriptions & Admissions


International Volunteer Day

Inês Azenha

"The possibility of giving my contribution to a team of committed professionals and being able to participate in the small and great achievements that our users reach through the horses, make that to be voluntary in this center is a great privilege and pleasure."

Marta Castro

"Volunteering is an occupation that has been part of my life for some time and I consider it a very enriching experience. Particularly in the João Cardiga Equestrian Academy, I can combine two of the areas that I like most, animals and people, and especially children. I have learned a lot since I am here and I hope to continue in this "family" for some more time, always trying to grow and develop myself, helping the greatest number of people ...."

Ana Irina Silva

"Two distinct worlds which, when they meet, always seem to be made for each other. Each one gives everything he can and the other receives, in a sensitive and dedicated way. A symbiosis of learning, in which both players gain. We, on the outside, contemplate the relationship without interfering. Just learning what can best be drawn from two worlds that lie."

Catarina Gaspar

"For me the experience of volunteering in this area is giving me a unique opportunity to contact with these docile and sensitive animals. In addition, I can see how the children's personality can be constructed in a totally pedagogical way in which respect for and care for animals shapes all the interaction that takes place there."