1. Registration and Monthly fees

1.1 Enrollments can be made at any time of year, provided there is a vacancy and always end on December 31, when they must be renewed. At the time of enrollment / renewal, the member's share, the insurance and the practitioner's license will be paid at the current price list.

1.2 The monthly classes / therapeutic sessions correspond to 4 monthly classes.

1.3 The monthly payments must be paid until the 8th of each month, after this period they suffer a 5% increase.

2. Faults and Holidays

2.1 In case of absence to the classes with fixed marking, the student loses the class.

2.2 When the Academy can not teach the lessons, they will be deducted from the monthly fee.

2.3 The Student undertakes to pay the 12 monthly fees, even in case of vacations, to guarantee the reservation of the schedule.

2.4 In case of extended vacations, the student can choose to "lock" the enrollment, not paying the months in which he will be absent. In this case, the school will not reserve the time. Upon returning, the student will only pay the "enrollment reactivation", worth 75% of the annual jewelry.

2.5 When the student reaches 4 consecutive absences, without prior notice and justification, will be removed from the schedule and the vacancy may be filled by a new student.

3. Saddle Exams

The saddle exams comply with the POPE-Official Program of Riding Practitioners of the FEP.

The exams take place in the school holidays, Christmas, Easter and Summer.

Students who are eligible may apply after prior notice to the Monitor.

4. Miscellaneous

4.1 In the Pony Club students are admitted from the age of 5.

4.2 The owner of the horses should have the insurance updated.

4.3 The Horse Owner is responsible for maintaining valid horse insurance.